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We understand online shopping can be a difficlut task due to  a persons lack of ability to try on different items and explore various sizes, however, in order to remain consistant so that we are able provide exceptionally made items that are accurately sized for our customers we strive to use the same manufacturers each and every time which are located right here in the USA.  

**Please note that due to the difference in materials, style of items as well as several other factors that are outside of our control, sizing may vary from product to product. If  ever this is the case, we will do our best to make sure our customers are aware of any sizing discrespiancies that we may notice.  Thank you and as always, we appreciate your business.


Typically the sizing chart is as follows:

Small: US  Size 4-6  

Medium: US Size 6-8 (possibly 10)

Large: US Size 10-12 



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